New Tenants

Thank you for choosing RDM Management, Inc. We hope you have a pleasant experience working with us. If the apartment you have viewed does not meet your needs, please feel free to ask the apartment manager for other available apartment locations or our office for further assistance.


1. New Tenant Application interactive PDF (7.2mb)

Download these 4 forms and fill out to start the application process with us.
Application To Rent HMH Properties
Receipt for Screening Fees
Rental Applicant Employment Form
Rental Applicant Reference Form

Below is a brief overview of the our application policies and process:

1. Each adult wishing to live on one of our properties must complete a separate rental application and pay an application fee of $35.00 per applicant. All sections of the application must be complete and accurate.

2. Each applicant must present a valid photo I.D. and provide us with a copy of their Social Security Card for our records.

3. We will need documentation to prove a minimum of two months worth of income. An example would be copies of your check stubs for the last two months.

4. In general, we require all applicants to have been in current employment for at least three (3) months and that income is equal to a minimum of three times the monthly rental amount. Your current employer will also be contacted to verify status of employment.

5. In order to verify rental history, we will attempt to contact your previous landlords for the last five years. At a minimum we must be able to contact someone to verify your most current rental experience.

6. We will obtain a credit report on every applicant. We look for payments that are made on time, that there are no judgment, bankruptcy, and/or eviction records and that credit responsibilities are in line with income.